A specialized orthodontics clinic under the supervision of Dr. Rakan Rawashdeh

Faisal Fayyad

Dr. Rakan Rawashdeh

Orthodontist Specialist 

Dr. Rakan Rawashdeh received a Bachelor of Oral and Dental Medicine from the University of Science and Technology in Jordan. He has 4 years of experience in Saudi Arabia, 3 years in Royal Medical Services and 10 years in the private sector. He specializes in the treatment of many different dental cases such as mobile orthodontics, fixed dental implants, Hollywood smile, ceramic scales and teeth whitening. In his clinic, he also offers nerve pull treatments with the latest equipment, the installation of crowns and bridges of all kinds of porcelain, metals and zirconium, according to the patient's condition. He is currently working in his private clinic in Abu Nseir.

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